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Software update 9 February 2012

itslearning has been updated. Read all about it below:


Guest says

W7 / IE7
Internet Options Content - If I activate Security (IRCA3, to block access to porn, alcohol, violence) than my child can no longer login to itslearning!

16 February 2012 10:04:33

Guest says

Sorry, it's IE9

16 February 2012 10:10:07

Guest says

Why has the question above not been answered?

06 March 2012 09:51:24

Guest says

If there's no way around it then use a different browser to access itslearning such as Google Chrome or Safari:

14 March 2012 16:31:50

Guest says

Hi Guest,
I've been using Content Advisor for my son at home. The trick is to add itslearning to the allowed websites.

There is a section called "To block or allow specific websites":

On another note, ICRA has been discontinued FOSI:

29 March 2012 09:56:23

Guest says

Totally confused

06 April 2012 16:42:30

Guest says

how has it been updated exactly????????????????
I dont get it

12 April 2012 13:08:20

Guest says


20 April 2012 21:22:01

Guest says


23 June 2012 10:16:17

Guest says

I have recently replaced my PC. Now find that i can't login to its learning, keeps timing out. Not an issue on any other pc or device? Any help please. Thnx

30 January 2013 12:13:13

Guest says

try a different browser

20 March 2013 11:58:38

Guest says

like fire fox, or bing

20 March 2013 11:59:09

Guest says

I really like this school because the teachers are helpful kind loving and forgiving

09 June 2013 10:33:41

Guest says


10 December 2014 11:01:31

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