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Software update February 2013

itslearning will be updated in February. Click the links below to see what's new:


Guest says

Kan ikke logge på itslearning etter den nye oppdateringen! får opp "Du blei logga ut fordi sesjonen din er utgått. Kode: 0." hele tiden.
Logger inn via Feide.

05 March 2013 22:09:15

Guest says

I like it

15 March 2013 11:56:54

Guest says

Not sure if you are getting my feedback since window does not close? Let me know. How often you get feedback sobwe can see what works etc?
Cannot subscribe via chrome.
Usingvinternet explorer on ipad & pc search function left bottom of page not working
Feedback to teachers not confirming sent
Feedback to itslearning not closing window
Conection to mobil not accepting password,yet can log in ok with pc and i pad?

21 March 2013 08:56:39

Guest says

It looks really good

21 March 2013 17:26:28

Guest says

when getting itslearning Norway update it doesen`t work good for smartphones

23 April 2013 14:30:58

Guest says

make a update for mobile phone's!

24 April 2013 11:12:59

Guest says

Kommer ikke inn på itslearning får bare denne meldingen opp. "Du ble logga ut fordi sesjonen din er utgått. Kode: 0."

26 April 2013 08:16:04

Guest says

make a app for iphone With itslearning

30 April 2013 13:38:15

Guest says

lag ein app til iphone med itslearning

30 May 2013 12:35:51

Guest says

i love this site. it keeps me updated on all my homework and so much more. my friends and i especially love how instead of a school email, we can just talk with the messaging

05 June 2013 21:17:55

Guest says

my webbrowser used to work. but then i opened the update link.

06 June 2013 14:22:23

Guest says

Today is a very good day to get loads of work so i can go on this website lots

12 June 2013 10:52:20

Guest says

I love how ya'll try to write English.

12 June 2013 13:48:35

Guest says

det går inte att ladda upp filer, varken till personliga mappen eller redovisningsmappar i den kurs jag går - vad står på? På vissa ställen fattas uppladdningsknapp, men i personliga mappen finns den men det kommer bara upp en ruta att skriva in en adress i... ärdet fel på det hela eller...?

09 September 2013 23:26:14

Guest says

bu nebicim

30 January 2015 09:40:58

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